Fostering social change through strengthening families and eradicating the vulnerabilities of

human trafficking and exploitation.



Children, young adults and young families without education and with very little money often migrate to larger cities seeking work. Upon arrival, they come to the harsh realization that there is no work for them due to their lack of education. These migrants, impoverished and illiterate, in an unfamiliar city with no work and no community are highly vulnerable to being trafficked or exploited as they seek shelter in substandard communities in the vicinity of major cities throughout Thailand.


GRACE, a nonprofit organization, seeks to serve others through the use of family resource centers and education to empower families out of poverty and into a sustainable career. Support in an encouraging atmosphere provides young adults, teens and children with the opportunity to overcome poverty and illiteracy. Family Resource Centers provide transportation to the facility, after school programs and day camp programs with homework assistance, tutoring, English language skills, problem solving games and fun effectively improve the students attendance and performance in school. Education eradicates vulnerabilities of children at-risk of trafficking. Educational support combined with nutritional and wellness support provide impoverished and illiterate families with the opportunity to break free of generational poverty. The provision of an encouraging atmosphere for homework assistance and tutoring increases the desire to learn. Children and young mothers (obtaining GEDs) gain confidence and hope of breaking through the chains of poverty and illiteracy. The next generation will impact their community as educated and self-sufficient leaders.


Jon & Angie Sullivan, cofounded Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. (GRACE) as a coalition of individuals and organizations collaborating to provide resources for families in need; specifically, through educational, nutritional and wellness support for children and families residing in impoverished conditions and substandard housing communities of Thailand.


GRACE effectively reduces the risk and vulnerabilities (poverty and illiteracy) of individuals and families falling victim to human trafficking and exploitation through the provision of after-school and out-of-school childcare in a family resource center environments for children. The family resource center provides adult enrichment classes relative to financial management, parenting, marriage enrichment, nutritional and wellness skills.


Jon and Angie were high school sweethearts and married in 1984. They have dual residencies in Thailand and the USA. They are blessed with two children, children-in-laws and two grandchildren. Jon served as senior pastor, missions pastor and associate pastor of churches throughout Georgia. He obtained a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in human services: disaster, crisis and intervention. His master’s degree is in human services: marriage and family counseling. He holds a bachelor’s degree in ministry. Angie holds a bachelor’s degree in allied health: echocardiography. She worked for various hospitals throughout Georgia for 28 years.


Jon and Angie served in orphanages and impoverished communities around the world which broadened their perspective as they identified countless situations of human injustice, especially relative to children. Their travels to Thailand clarified their calling to eradicate vulnerabilities of poverty and illiteracy among children at great risk of being trafficked and exploited. They cofounded Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. (GRACE) and established as a 501(c)3 charity nonprofit organization of America on October 4, 2012. The GRACE mission and vision took form as they began a child sponsorship program in 2013. They moved to Thailand in the Spring of 2016 to expand the program to include after school and day camp programs, adult enrichment classes, and more.