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Maintaining the Fullness of Grace & Strength

Life is full of experiences. Good, bad, and, seemingly, indifferent. Some people focus on tribulations and tragedies. Drawn to live in an environment of drama, many are often discouraged beyond the ability to thoroughly enjoy the triumphs. Others see from a perspective engulfing all experiences as a pathway of grace and strength.

Life happens. So, how do we keep a proper perspective? How can we adapt our lives to a fullness of grace and strength? Establishing and maintaining a practical outlook requires self-discipline. Devoting oneself to time alone with God can produce immeasurable fulfillment. Scheduling time dedicated to nurturing our hearts, souls, and minds, produces spiritual strength as unconditional love overshadows knowledge. It’s much more than knowing about Him. We must devote time for getting to genuinely know God through studying, praying, meditating, observing, conversing and applying His teachings in our daily activities. Coordinate time in your daily routine to invest in a relationship with Him.

Study the scriptures. Short devotionals and memes do not replace the experience gained by studying the Word of God. Simple reading to satisfy our conscious doesn’t allow time for understanding and comprehensive penetration. Take a moment to clear your mind of the distractions. Prayerfully seek Him to open your mind and soul to His truths. Pray as you consider the scriptures. What has this passage revealed about the character of God? How can this truth be applied in my life? Consider this truth throughout your day. Ponder how and when you observed this truth revealed as you rest at the end of day and as time is given to you throughout the day. Observe the activities around you. Nothing is by chance. God is always at work and He orchestrates time and matter. Have conversations throughout the day. Talk with other people as led by the Spirit of God. Consider them as they are immeasurably loved by Him. Encourage others and show genuine compassion.

Enjoy the journey as you discover and experience the fullness of God’s grace and strength.


About the Author: Angie King Sullivan

Born in rural Georgia to a young couple and oldest of their three children. A child of the 1970's and a teen of the 1980's. Fell in love at the young age of 15 years. Life is good!

Angie is married to Jon Sullivan. They were high school sweethearts and have enjoyed an amazing love, friendship and adoration toward each other for more than thirty-seven years. Angie states, "I absolutely love and respect him with all of my heart!" They are blessed with two married children (so, four) and two grandchildren. They have the joy of living with Gracie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. They reside in both the USA and Thailand.

We asked Angie to briefly describe GRACE. She stated, "Our journey in life led us (Jon and me) to become co-founders of the nonprofit organization Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. (GRACE). Our mission is to foster social change through strengthening families and eradicating the vulnerabilities of human trafficking and exploitation. The mission in Thailand prevents impoverished and illiterate minors from being vulnerable and victimized into the human trafficking industry. The mission is intentional in eradicating the vulnerabilities associated with multi-generational poverty and illiteracy through the provisions of educational, nutritional and wellness support. Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 charity organization in the United States of America. GRACE International Foundation (Thailand) is our Asian organization." Angie is a passionate speaker and advocate seeking social justice for marginalized families and children.

Beyond family and work, Angie enjoys travel, documentaries, dining out, baseball (and a few other sports), and getting to know people. She has traveled in Europe, Asia, South America and North America. She desires to travel to as many places as given the opportunity. She enjoys studying their ancestry and hopes to travel to Ireland and Scotland homelands.

Angie's strong abilities are in organization, leadership, discernment and administration. When asked about her faith and characteristics, Angie stated, "I am unashamedly non-stereotypical Christian desiring to apply the Truths of Jesus Christ to my life. I am optimistic, non-judgmental and passionate. I don't follow politics, drama nor gossip - so, my intimate circle is small."

To connect with our author, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Email Angie at

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