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We've Made it Easier to Get Involved!

Have you seen the changes we've made?

You can now sponsor a GRACE kid for as little as $10 a month!

With our $10, $25, $50, and $100 a month options, we're making it easier for YOU to get involved in the work and make a significate impact in the life of a child.

Here's what to do:

Browse the pictures of bios of the children in the GRACE program (click on LEARN MORE to view their bios)

When you've chosen a child to sponsor, click "become a sponsor"

Fill out the online form entirely and we will be in contact ASAP!

Can't decide on which kid to sponsor? Fill our the Child Sponsorship Matching Form and we'll pair you with a child.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our GRACE team.

A child is considered fully sponsored at $100 a month.

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