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Who's Ready for Thailand 2023?

Angie and I (Genie) definitely are! We're are packing and preparing to travel to GRACE Thailand this week. This is a very exciting trip for us as it's Angie's first trip back to Thailand since she and Dr. Jon moved back to the states in 2019. I cannot wait to see her reunited with the kids and staff!

"I am so excited to travel to our GRACE mission in Thailand. My journey begins this Saturday!! So, what's it all about? GRACE is the acronym for Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies. Jon Sullivan and I founded GRACE in 2012 to help combat trafficking of children as witnessed on countless mission trips across the globe. The mission took us to Thailand with a focus to prevent the trafficking of children through connecting with families and assisting with nutritional, educational and wellness expenses. The child sponsorship program began in 2013. We moved to Thailand in 2016 and opened GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi in January of 2017. We expanded into the Isaan region of Thailand in 2018 with the opening of GRACE Family Resource Center Korat. The impact is tremendous. I am excited to share updated pictures, news and reports with you, our sponsors, and supporters. May God be magnified and made famous among the GRACE Families of Thailand. May God bless you in your time of prayer as you intercede on our behalf. Blessings and love."

During this trip, we will spend our time at the Khao Noi (Pattaya) FRC. We will be there during Day Camp, which is when the kids are out of school and at the GRACE FRC all day (Monday - Friday). This will give us lots of time to spend with kids and staff. There will be tons of pictures and videos on our Facebook page, I'm sure! Day Camp is filled with activities for the kids - Bible stories, English lessons, crafts, music lessons, and so much more!

Genie, teaching English to a group of kids at GRACE Pattaya during Day Camp (October, 2022).

As a non-profit, we rely on our sponsors, supporters, and donors to keep this program (and all of our programs) running effectively. Visiting our Thailand operations allows us to ensure that the centers are functioning properly and our kids and staff are taken care of.

How can you help with this trip? The total cost of this trip is $5,000. This includes airfare, hotel, food, and transportation. This also allows us to meet any needs directly related to the GRACE Family Resource Center (i.e., purchase of material and/or food during day camp, etc.).

To date, donations of $1,150 have been given toward this trip (giant THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so far!).

Donations can be made in-person, via our Facebook donations page (click HERE to be taken to that page), through our website, or through PayPal.

In addition to this trip, which is taking place March 27 - April 6, we have been in talks with representatives from various churches about bringing mission teams to GRACE Thailand this fall. If you're interested to learning more about traveling to GRACE Thailand, send us an email at

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Deena Canup
Deena Canup
Mar 20, 2023

So exciting! Can't wait to follow along with pictures and blog posts during the trip. Love and prayers for safe journey and please, please hugs to all our Thai brothers and sisters. Wish I were going with you. ❤️

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