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Why Not GRACE?

We are so thankful for our church partnerships. Church partnerships not only allow us to share the mission of GRACE and information about human trafficking but, it also allows us to connect with pastors and congregations across the world.

We love hearing from our partnering pastors and getting their perspectives on what GRACE means to them and their churches.

Here are a few words from Brad Asbury, pastor of Millen Baptist Church in Georgia.

If you are a pastor of a partner church or a supporter of GRACE in any capacity and would like to share your GRACE story, please email

Picture: Children from GRACE Pattaya wearing bags gifted to the center by Millen Baptist.

I have often been asked why, as a local church, we give to certain groups in missions. The

ministries we support vary from international, local, and state. My response to every one of

those, “Why” questions is simple, “Why not?” I challenge people to give me a reason for not supporting them, and most often I never receive an answer. I also, in times of prayer ask the Lord, “Give us a reason not to support this ministry!” After the questioning phase, I want to know why give to a certain ministry, so I investigate and research.

First, I search the Scriptures. I understand the call to missions in the Scripture (Matthew 28:19-20). What about a ministry like Grace, where do I find that in Scripture since there is not a passage that says, “Thou shalt give to Grace.” Proverbs 24:11 informs me to “Rescue those being led to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter.” Then verse 12 clearly says that if we turn our eye like we did not see it, we will be held accountable.

In our world today, human trafficking is one of our greatest evils. There are movies and

documentaries about it. The statistics are out there and they frighten us. We are left asking,

“What can I do?” Kids are being led to the “slaughter,” and we have to do something. Rather than start a new work at Millen Baptist, we joined a work in progress that is already seeking to rescue. The impact GRACE has will have lasting impacts for generations to come. Therefore, I ask, “Why not grace?” After we ask that question, our response is, “We must support GRACE.”

Lastly, I believe that one-day human trafficking will end. Zechariah 8:5 tells me that boys and

girls will play in the streets once again and they will face no harm! While this promise is a

promise that we will see in its complete fulfillment in Heaven, we have to fight to ensure

children are safe here, that is being kingdom people now! Since trafficking exists, children are not safe, especially in places like Thailand. GRACE seeks to fight for those children to have a safe place to play. We see the pictures. We see the stories. They provide a place to fulfill Zechariah 8:5 here on earth. They give children a foretaste of Heaven.

I could write many more words on why we, as a church, give to GRACE. I cannot find a reason not to give. So give we must! They are the hands and feet of Christ in a dark land.

They are practicing the presence of Jesus for those who need to experience it most. Instead of saying, “Why give to grace?” Simply say, “Why not give?” And then in a sacrificial way help bring heaven to earth for kids in a foreign land!

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