How do I sponsor a child?

1. Visit the sponsor a child gallery and get to know our students; choose a child with whom you feel connected. Maybe they're the same age as your niece, maybe you share a birthday, maybe you have the same favorite color, or maybe you just think they're the cutest kid in the world!

2. Complete the short Child Sponsorship form. Choose to either partially sponsor at $50 a month or fully sponsor at $100 a month.

3. Expect updates and letters from GRACE and your sponsored child.

4. Send a birthday card to your sponsored child. It will melt their heart! 

5. Change their life through continued support and by investing in their education, nutrition, and wellness.

This is a breakdown of how the sponsorship will be used over the course of one year. As you can see, the total cost for one child for one year, is $1,200. This means that to fully sponsor a child, that is $100 a month. If you cannot take on the financial commitment of sponsoring a child, but would really like to contribute, we encourage you to make a general donation to GRACE. We do not turn away children who do not get sponsored, our general funds often are used to pay for a child's sponsorship until they are chosen to be sponsored. You can make a general donation by using the donate button below. 

Why sponsor a child?

Children are most affected by the cycle of poverty because they are unable to support themselves . If a child is born into an impoverished family, they are at high-risk for malnutrition, lack of access to education, inadequate healthcare, and being trafficked.​ 

Our goal is to stand in the gap and break the cycle of poverty by providing impoverished children with an education, access to healthcare, and sufficient food. By providing the children with all of these opportunities, they are able to break the cycle of poverty in their families and provide for their families in the future.