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A Note from Dr. Jon

Through the fiery crucible of struggle, pain, and heartache much can be accomplished if we keep our eyes fixed and focused on the goal. This work, which actually began in Angie and me when we were teenagers, officially launched in 2012. Through prayers, financial obstacles, distance, and a myriad of other challenges the Grace organization continues to operate. The challenges are still present, but our focus on the work and more importantly the Lord who called us to the work remains. Each morning we meet the day trusting for provision and just doing the next thing.

By doing the next thing does not mean we do not have an idea of where we are going. We have a vision for Thailand and the US. We have the vision, but also understand that direction can change. Following the Lord is not about developing a long-term vision, but it is an adventure that can take an individual to places that never dreamed possible.

In addition to the work in Thailand and the Family Resource Center developing in Millen, Georgia, a Human Trafficking Conference is in the works. Scheduled for April 2022, the Grace staff is working diligently to begin securing funding to make the event a reality. Networking with other organizations, reaching out to possible sponsors, and praying through each step, and keeping the Why in front of us is paramount to achieving this goal. There are many reasons for Why we are taking on the responsibility for hosting a Human Trafficking Conference. A top Why is to connect organizations working in this field. We are stronger together, better together, more effective together. However, we often work in silos which limits the scope of the work. As we mount an offensive against the plague of Human Trafficking in this world we have to be united in our efforts. This is not a one-man show or something one agency can accomplish. Victory will be accomplished as we join our resources, combine our strengths, and unite in our intentional resolution to put an end to the exploitation of our fellow human beings.

More to come.

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