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Dental Hygiene Drive Underway in Millen, Ga!

Members of the GRACE Millen Ambassador Teen Leadership team met Tuesday evening to strategize their plan for our annual Dental Hygiene Drive. They have taken this project and are running with it! These kids, ranging from 7th grade through 11th grade, have contacted various local businesses, communicated with administration at their school, and negotiated a Spirit Day at school if they collect a certain number of items. For those who don't know, a Spirit Day is when the kids are allowed to dress more casual than their typical blue shirts and khakis.

If you are local to Millen and see shiny, silver boxes at various businesses around town, those are the collection boxes - drop some dental hygiene items in them and show your support for this group of teen leaders. If you would like a box for your business, please email

Our goal, as an organization is to collect enough items to make 1,200 dental hygiene bags to send to Thailand.

This group has already made a significant dent in attaining this goal.

We've made shopping for these items super easy with our Amazon List and items can be send directly to GRACE Millen!

At Tuesday's meeting, we asked the group to come up with characteristics they believe make a good leader. The nailed it!

I am personally so proud of this group of kids. They are embracing the role and are already making an impact internationally.

If you would like more information about starting a GRACE Ambassador program in your church, school, or community, please reach out to us! We would love to see this program pop up around the state, the country, and the world!

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