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From the Board

By Brian Anderson, Chairman of GRACE Board of Directors

This time of year, many people are participating in the 10-year challenge across social media. Showing the changes over the past decade – families growing, children growing, couples aging gracefully – or as in my case – my spouse somehow improves in beauty each year while I just get old!

As I think about the past 10 years I have been involved with GRACE, there have been many

changes – Jon & Angie starting the mission from the States, to moving to Thailand, moving back due to political changes, adjustments through the Global Pandemic, resource center locations, expansion to new locations, expansion of services, to just name a few. Through it all the mission has remained the same: Strengthening families and eradicating the vulnerabilities of human trafficking and exploitation.

Pictured below, Brian with his wife, Jennifer

Poverty can be a complicated issue – however – meeting basic human needs to help family’s nutritional, medical and educational needs is not. We have seen again and again how the power of investing time with a student completely changes their educational path for the better. While the numbers around

those in need can be staggering, the impact on one life is everything to that one person. This is a main reason I have stayed involved with GRACE – to help provide a positive contribution in the life of a family in need. GRACE has allowed me to contribute to the mission in a variety of ways beyond Board involvement - through the Ambassador program, Friends of GRACE, Amazon Smile, hosting church events and visiting the team on the ground in Thailand.

As we go into 2022, the mission remains unchanged. There will be some old and new obstacles for the team to work through – but as Angie often states – Our God is bigger. To our many supporters, thank you for your contributions and being a part of the mission. For those who have read and followed GRACE, but perhaps are not sure where to contribute or if it matters. I encourage you in 2022 to look at the many avenues available and help make a difference – every bit helps.

In His service,


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