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GRACE Staff Meeting, Exploring, and...Fried Crickets?

What a day! Jet lag kicked in around 4am and I was wide awake for the rest of the day. It's 8:15pm (Wednesday) right now, and as soon as I finish this post, it's night-night for me!

Before heading to meet with the staff at the GRACE FRC today, Mai and Chan took me on a scenic drive to the Pattaya overlook. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed coffee and Thai Iced Tea while enjoying the view of the Gulf of Thailand. I definitely recommend making time for this adventure when you're in Pattaya.

After finishing our drinks, we started making our way to GRACE.

I met with the staff of the GRACE Family Resource Center in Pattaya. Their kids were there, too (all of their kids are in our program) and I was so happy to see them! They've all grown so much since the last time I saw them in person!

Kids pictured: Ultra, Pin, Man, Jasmine, Milk, and Win!

The staff met and planned out the next couple of days - remember, Day Camp starts Thursday! I'm told that we currently have 30 kids confirmed! A few of those kids are new and will be in need of sponsorship (pictures and bios to come soon).

Of course, we couldn't meet before we ate the delicious lunch prepared by Noi. She made all my favorites, including larb gai and tom sum thai (papaya salad)!

I ended the evening with a visit to the Jomtien Street Food Market (the one that's right across from my hotel). There, I had prawns (nope, I didn't read the heads), fresh coconut,

salad rolls, bbq chicken on a stick, and fried bugs! Yep. BUGS! Crickets, grasshoppers, and grubs - OH MY! Don't worry, they're deep fried and seasoned very well. They actually taste pretty good, too! Oh, and a custard filled dessert thing that was shaped like a fish!

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Deena Canup
Deena Canup
Oct 12, 2022

The kids look so grown up now, handsome and beautiful, all of them. It s so nice to see familiar sites. I miss Thai tea!

Oct 12, 2022


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