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News from Thailand

We have news from Thailand. Today, EM and his family departed for the Philippines. Maris, EM’s mother, had been participating in the Thailand-Philippines government employment program in which Thailand committed to employee Filipino people for up to 30 years; Thailand benefited from their exceptional English language skills. The employee receives incremental ten-year visas. In the setting of severe economic conditions, Thailand has revoked the program. Ericson, Maria and EM are on their way to the Philippines.

Jon and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ericson’s family as they visited. They are precious and will certainly welcome them home with enthusiasm.

While in Thailand, Ericson worked for GRACE and completed seminary (online from USA). We are excited to see how God will use him and his family during the next chapter of their lives. Ericson is equipped to pastor. I know you’ll pray with us.

We follow them on Facebook and will stay connected. I am so grateful for Facebook making connections available across our world.

About GRACE in Pattaya: Mai and Chan are making home visits to evaluate each family. Many are suffering with Omicron. Nevertheless, they are excited to open soon for day camp.

A couple of our families are moving to their home provinces to help their older generation with work (Focus, Boat, Phrae); some are going for the summer and will return before school starts in May. Some schools are providing classes to help children catch up as many fell behind this year. Many of our children were directly impacted as the main public school did not provide an online option and was closed most of the year. Our GRACE day camp program has a strategy to help the children and parents are eager for our opening.

Many people have moved to the city seeking work. The cycle begins again as the city is very transient. Mai and Chan have already identified several new children for our GRACE program.

Please continue to pray for our staff, kids, and families as they navigate these waters.

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