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Thailand 2023: Day Three

A severe thunderstorm awakened me at 3 AM and lasted for a couple of hours. The temperature is nice and we enjoyed rain throughout most of the day.

My typical morning routine with devotional time, breakfast, family texts, and video call with Jon was fantastic!

Oh, GRACE!! Our GRACE team gathered for lunch. I tried new foods and expanded my palette for the absolute deliciousness that is Thai food. I met with Chan and Mai to discuss business and plans prior to the children's arrival to the FRC (Family Resource Center). God is at work through them! Their faithfulness and devotion sets the standards high.

The children are taking midterm exams this week so we are keeping it lighthearted at the FRC. Some grabbed a power nap to help overcome sleep deprivation; the storms were moving through during the night and successfully diminishing our sleep. After minimal school work for a couple of children was completed, we had another great meal! The children really like the Thai home-style meals. We had play time and a group activity with all ages (4-17) participating in the fun. Heart and I played ball games counting in English and Thai languages as we tossed the ball around. The older children hung out with lots of chattering and laughter. I love this family!!

Now, I’ve returned to the hotel for the evening. I wanted to share the experience with you. Thank you for your ongoing prayers, encouragement and support.

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