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Thailand 2023: Day Two

An ocean away in Thailand with overcast skies and pleasant temperatures.

I connected with Jon via video to learn about his day and share about my restful night.

I enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel with a view of the Gulf of Thailand beach. A great place of solitude for devotional and prayer.

Worked remotely for a couple of hours before Chan shuttled me to GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi. We stopped to retrieve Noi and Win along the way. I praise God for His healing touch and for restoring her health from the near-fatal motorcycle accident of April.

Upon arrival at GRACE, we shared lots of hugs and joyous greetings.

We unpacked many of the supplies collected in the USA.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of larb moo, Tom kha gai (coconut milk based chicken soup),

fresh vegetables and papaya.

We settled in for a team meeting to discuss the upcoming two weeks as teams will be joining us on mission from the USA.

Some families came early to spend time with us and help prepare the evening meal. The children arrived excited to connect with me. We enjoyed chicken fried rice (some children consumed several servings) - aroi maak! It was delicious.

We met with the children to share about the upcoming schedule and mission teams. We spent time reminiscing the memories of past years as several children have been with GRACE since 2013. Many older children shared their educational pathway and progression.

We have future hotel management leaders, pharmacists, doctors, and culinary professionals working through scholarly studies. We laughed. We celebrated. We encouraged. We gained deeper relationships. What a day!!

To our GRACE team: Wow! You are such an inspiration and an incredibly dedicated group of people seeking to be the difference. YOU deserve grandeur and recognition for all you selflessly do to be the change makers. Your commitment to our GRACE family continues to inspire me! Once GRACE family, always GRACE family.

To our sponsors: I am continually amazed at God’s work through you as children have grasped hope and making dreams come true. Prevention has proven effective through building relationships and breaking the chains of illiteracy, food insecurity, and lack of access to wellness (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). You are impacting their world. Once GRACE family, always GRACE family.

We are all in this together! Globally, we are GRACE family!!

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