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Thailand 2023: Days 16, 17, & 18!

Day 16

Happy Monday friends!! Today’s weather was very nice.

The breakfast buffet is plentiful and satisfies the need to start the day with a good meal.

The Simpsonville team is great! They jumped in to teach English language classes, lead a Bible story about joyfulness, mentored the children through an incredibly successful arts and crafts project, and more.

We enjoyed meals together, serving at GRACE, and lots of conversations. We had wonderful seating during the sunset of dinner time. Now, we are settling in for the evening.

Day 17

Tremendously terrific Tuesday!

The storms took a break and provided the perfect day for soccer. First, morning educational and biblical lessons. Rachel Clarke utilized her wonderful gift of photography to capture portraits of the GRACE children. Then, lunchtime. The afternoon was filled with excitement as the team rented a Pattaya Soccer Center field for GRACE soccer games. The fun was immeasurable.

Thank you, First Baptist Simpsonville Mission Thailand team, for creating wonderful memories with our GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi family. Your presence has encouraged our team, children, and staff.

Day 18

WOW! What an amazing Wednesday!!

The First Baptist Simpsonville team experienced a bit of Thai culture at Nong Nooch. I saw buffalo on the way to the GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi.

The children rotated through Math, Thai, and English classes before gathering to make a Korean lunch. Pastor Kim joined us as we welcomed his team from South Korea. They brought all the items to roll our own sushi. Such fun and delicious! Thank you for your kind service and generosity.

The children watched a movie during the afternoon. I shuttled to the hotel in time to connect with the team for a sunset dinner.

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