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Thailand 2023: Days 20, 21, & 22!

Day 20

Friday Funday

The weather seems perfect today! I joined the First Baptist Simpsonville mission team for their morning devotional and breakfast.

We were at GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi in time to join the children in their morning exercise session before class rotations. The children rotated through Thai language, math, and English language classes. The children donned their customized chef’s hats and created resurrection rolls to enjoy during the afternoon snack day. The English language class focused on the Easter story in light of the creative baking of the rolls. Another delicious lunch as is customary of GRACE. The afternoon was filled with biblical wisdom stories, reciting the weekly scripture, creating relative tissue artwork, and resurrection rolls with ice cream for a snack. We distributed dental hygiene supplies.

We distributed precious dresses and shorts for the children created by the wonderful missions sewing ministry of Indian Creek Baptist Church of Bowdon.

We shared goodbyes, tears, and lots of hugs. These moments are immeasurably precious.

We spent the evening at the night market before returning to our hotel.

Day 21

Our Saturday weather has been near perfect. Hot? Yes. Humid? Yes. Worth it? YES!

I spent time with our First Baptist Simpsonville team as they met for devotional time and breakfast. Mai and Chan met us at the hotel to bid them farewell and safe travels. They checked out of the hotel and we made our way to the Sanctuary of Truth museum for a cultural experience. We enjoyed lunch and shopped for a couple of hours. We transported them to Bangkok and bid farewell.

We are so grateful to Preeda Pattaya and Dragon van pattaya for their consistently excellent service. This team is top-notch! I highly recommend them as you travel to Thailand and are seeking professional ground transportation. They’ve become like family to us. Thank you, Preeda!! May god bless you with abundance, love, and grace.

Day 22

I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly.

I enjoyed a quick breakfast before completing the packing task. I experienced a smooth checkout process at the hotel. Chan and Mai shuttled me to Jomtien Baptist Church. Worshipping with people from various nations is an incredible experience. He is worthy of our praise. Chan led the music and Mai served on the worship team. Aor, Jum, and Nina of GRACE helped prepare and serve the lunch. About 30 members and Pastor Pyboom of Light of Life Baptist church join in worship with preaching and singing. After lunch activities included various games and loads of fun.

I rested and fellowshipped at GRACE with Mai and Chan until time to leave for dinner. I’m traveling with them to Bangkok to begin my journey to America. My flight departs at 1 AM (2 PM EST).

The time here has been very productive and joyous. I will miss the many whom I am blessed to know and love. God is at work in Thailand and through GRACE Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies. Please continue to pray.

To our GRACE supporters and child sponsors: I will be in direct communication with soon upon recovering from travel fatigue.

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