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Thailand Suffers as Shut Down Extends into August

The government has extended the lockdown until August 2nd with newly installed curfews and closures of all businesses except banks, grocers, hospitals and clinics in thirteen provinces (directly impacting our communities). Imprisonments and steep fines are now imposed for gatherings. Domestic flights have been reduced to essential travel only. Provincial borders have closed. Record numbers of cases and deaths have been reported over the past three days secondary to Alpha and Delta variants of the virus. Please continue to pray for our families and children as many have lost jobs and the economy has crumbled losing a reported 98% of the GNP. These conditions increase desperation and risk of the marginalized people. Funding to Thailand helps with nutritional and wellness support for the families of GRACE. The needs have escalated and more funds are needed (beyond child sponsorship). Facilities and salaries are necessary to continue services. These essential needs are greater as we serve to prevent trafficking and exploitation. Please join us in sharing the need. Angie has created a fundraiser event through Facebook (ensures % of donations are distributed to GRACE). We encourage you to create a fundraiser, too. Just visit our Facebook page and click fundraisers to create your personalized event. Feel free to copy and paste information in this email to your page/fundraiser. You can also share this directly via email or social media. Share our posts and fundraisers with a personalized note to your circle of influence sharing why you are compelled to help GRACE Thailand during this critical time. Thanks for your continued support and prayers.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to ensure enough food is provided to our families in Thailand. Because of the shut down, and the fact that most of the parents of the GRACE kids work in the hospitality industry, most jobs have been lost. Providing basic necessities, like food, will help ensure will make a world of difference. Use this link to donate or text GRACETHAILAND to 44-321 Checks can be mailed to PO Box 4167, Cartersville, Ga 30120

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