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Weekend Recap

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that it's already Monday morning and I have only three full days left in Thailand. I was just saying to dad (Dr. Jon) yesterday how I felt like I could use at least another week here - especially considering it took me a solid 4 days to shake the jet lag.

In any case, I plan to make the most of the next few days and it helps that I have plans to be back in a few months.

Now, let's talk about the last couple of days.

Friday was a great day at the GRACE Family Resource Center. The morning was spent with a Bible story followed by small group time. I did English lessons with two groups. The first group included a few of the younger kids and we worked on colors, numbers, and letters. The second group of kids were a little older than the first and we worked on ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.). Both groups did outstanding!

My Saturday was spent at the hotel. Chan wasn't feeling well (he and Mai have been my driver/guides throughout the trip) and needed to take some time to feel better. Don't worry - he was much better by Sunday! It turns out, I needed the downtime, too. I ordered takeout from a food delivery service and watched some tv until falling asleep for much needed nap.

Sunday, was an awesome day! I visited Jomtien Baptist Church (this is the church Mai and Chan attend) and was greeted so graciously!

Lunch was served after the service and, to be honest, I was a little nervous. Up until that point all of the food I have eaten on this trip has been specifically selected by me (or Mai) or prepared by Noi. Now, unknown elements were at play and I prepared myself for what may come. Imagine my pure delight when I saw rice, fried chicken legs, and papaya salad! I also tried bamboo for the first time (don't worry, it was cooked - I wasn't gnawing on random bamboo sticks). There was also a very tasty dessert that I tried, although I cannot remember the name of it - I just know it was in coconut milk!

After lunch we headed to Lukdod (a large souvenir shop in Pattaya) where I found things for the family (specifically Ty and Savannah, but the others are getting a little something, too).

After shopping, Mai asked if I wanted to get coffee. Obviously, the answer was YES! We made our way to a place called Slow Ride. My parents and brother had told me about this place so I was excited to try it out. The hype was well-placed.

This little oasis is an outdoor restaurant/coffee joint. Once you cross the threshold, you're greeted by tables that are scattered around small ponds filled with fish, tall trees whose leaves and vines provide shade, and even a waterfall. The coffee was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the honey toast knocked my socks off!

When you're in Pattaya, this needs to be on your list of things to do.

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Oct 17, 2022

Tremendous work!! I’m glad you had down time. Enjoy the next few days. 🥰

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