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Ambassadors, ASSEMBLE!

The GRACE Millen Ambassador team began assembling dental hygiene bag on Monday, February 28th. When we first tasked the team with collecting items, we gave them the challenge of collecting 300 items (any combination of toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss). The latest number show a total of 1,349 items collected in the Millen community over the last 4 weeks!

Our goal, as an organization is to have 1,200 dental bags pack and ready to be sent to Thailand. Thanks to the Millen team, have put a huge dent in our goal.

We still need:

Toothbrushes - 253

Travel sized toothpaste - 808

Mouthwash - 1194

Floss - 1190

Quart sized ziplocked bags

A giant THANK YOU goes out to Jenkins County Middle/High for allowing us to push the collection drive their. Also to the various business in Millen who allowed collection boxes to be placed - Charm Barn, Round's on Winthrope, and Cafe on Cotton!

A HUGE thank you also goes out to GRACE + GLAMOUR Boutique for providing the food for team during our last meeting. The kids (and adults) LOVED IT!

If you would like to sponsor or provide a meal during an upcoming GRACE Ambassador meeting please reach out to Genie Boynton at

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