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GRACE Welcomes Interns for Spring 2022 Semester

GRACE HQ welcomed three new interns in January. All three are students at Georgia Highlands College and will prove to be a great asset to GRACE and we are excited to have them! Below, you'll find a little about each of them.

Esmeralda Buitrago-Ariza

My name is Esmeralda, I am from Colombia in South America, and my Native Language is Spanish. I am passionate about anything that has something to do with helping people. Sometimes it can be hard to realize how other countries' governments can affect people's lives in different ways and the care that GRACE puts into fixing this situation was one of the reasons that drove me here. I come from a country that is known as one of the happiest in the entire world and despite that, corruption and poverty limit our abilities to develop yourself to its maximum expression. Everything that I could do to help people in need, will be my pleasure to do. I have been working for over three years as a Nurse Assistant and really love and enjoy my job. My dream is to be a Cases Manager in the near future, to achieve that I have been studying Healthcare Management at GHC, which I am close to graduate next May. Other than that I enjoy arts, singing, dancing, and painting, but those are just some of my favorite hobbies.

Stephanie Valencia

My name is Stephanie Yuridia Valencia. I am currently a senior at Georgia Highlands College with a major in BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I am very passionate about learning and exploring. I love soccer, outdoor adventures, and sunny days are the best. My favorite food is Chiles Rellenos (stuffed poblano peppers). I was born in California, but I grew up in Mexico most of my life, which motivated me to become better, succeed, and provide happiness to the world. I love learning about different cultures and interacting with a diversity of people. I have three dogs, Coco, Princess Leia, and Shadow. It would be a joy for me to create shelters and refuges for dogs in the future. I am very good at multitasking and time management. I learned a lot at my last job, especially communication and excellent customer service. I recently started as an intern at the Global Relief Association for Crises and Emergency, and I am very excited to learn and develop my skills. Graduating is a significant achievement for me, and it will help me look for my dream company. I would love to work with Delta airlines. I believe dreams come true, and we just have to work for them. I am looking forward to new experiences and new challenges.

Trey Paul

My name is Trey Paul. I’m from Cave Spring, Georgia and currently live in Rome. I am enrolled at Georgia Highlands College and will be graduating in May of 2022. I am a member of Cohort 4 in the Healthcare Management program here at Highlands. I plan on attending graduate school in the fall to further my education with a master’s degree and beyond. After graduation, I intend to work in Healthcare Administration somewhere in the US. I’m looking forward to working alongside GRACE for the next few months and hope I can help make a lasting impact during the time I have with them. I had not heard of this organization prior to this internship, but I’m glad this is where I ended up. Also, being able to use this internship to gain experience while simultaneously helping make the world a better place is truly amazing. I hope that moving forward after this internship that I’m still able to be a part of this organization and the help that they provide to people around the world. I’m excited to work alongside people that have a passion for helping those in need. I want what I do to make a difference and this place is helping me achieve that.

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