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Thailand 2023: Day 11 & 12

Day 11

Wednesdays are wonderful! The LifePoint Church team is on mission with GRACE. They are a fantastic team.

Early breakfast, Bible story, and devotional, to GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi to teach English language, Bible stories, and activities. We visited Dianna Bautista and her fantastic ministry teams at Free Rain.

Our evening was filled with exploration of Terminal 21, dinner, and travels via Beach Road to the hotel.

Day 12

Autumn leaves are changing colors and drifting to the ground. The temperatures are a little cooler with a tad less humidity.

Today, the LifePoint Church team will finish their mission in Thailand. We gathered for breakfast and the morning devotional before traveling to the GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi. The team led the children to create beaded jewelry and hand art. They shared a Bible story and made cupcakes.

The GRACE team is AMAZING!! They have provided translation, taught Thai language and math lessons, cooked and prepared lunch and snacks, shuttled children to and from the FRC, and more. They maintain their focus and mission to ensure each child and their families know they are important and loved. They are a tremendous blessing from God.

Mai and Chan video conferenced from their seminary intensives to send safe travel blessings to the team. We enjoyed GRACE Thailand & LPC togetherness during the evening meal before sending the team to Bangkok to connect with their flight.

Shout out to Preeda Pattaya and Dragon van pattaya for exceptional service and hospitality.

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