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Thailand 2023: Day 8, 9, & 10!

Day 8:

An amazing Sunday! I’m enjoying every moment with the LifePoint Church team members.

Breakfast, group devotional, church, lunch, cultural activities, shopping and dinner.

Day 9:

Preeda Pattaya!!! It’s good to see you again!! Monday was filled with GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi activities led by the LifePoint Church team and dinner with precious sisters serving in various ministries in Pattaya.

Day 10:

It was another fantastic day with our GRACE Thailand family.

After a brief tour of some of the touristy places in Pattaya after breakfast and the devotional, the mission team from LifePoint church served at GRACE Family Resource Center Khao Noi by participating in English language lessons, Superbook Thai lesson, Bible story with a dramatic interpretation, games, making cookies, and arts and crafts.

The evening activities included joining Jomtien Baptist Church as they hosted the Thailand Baptist children’s camp. Such a wonderful opportunity to meet several Christians serving and leading churches and ministries across the country. I missed the entire program but am excited to see God working through pastor Saeng and Nit.

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